Megan & Will
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Just a bit about us.

(We’re a very serious team)


Will, a young chap from Kent, made a video of himself dancing alone in his room because he has "hips like Shakira". 

Megan, a Scottish, southern speaking individual, has her black belt in a Martial Art.

So if nothing else... at least we've got moves.


When we aren’t together Will is off making things, like gyro stabilisers from random objects whilst Megan runs around a field kicking a ball.

So one half of us is a twerking inventor, whilst the other is a ninja centre back.  

Start a chat or send us an email... however we can only communicate in three ways, sarcasm, gifs or memes.


Currently on placement at FCB Inferno (July-September 2018)


D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil Winner 2018



Meg & Will.